Cabinet lighting


The Importance of Lighting

Kitchen cabinets provide crucial storage, surround key work areas, like the range and countertop, and provide a sense of style to your home. These spaces require well planned and positioned lighting to ensure that all areas are properly illuminated. Lighting in a cabinet should complement its general form and function without visual distraction or physical obstruction. Display lighting in cabinets must also create an additional decorative appeal that enhances contents as well as interior space. 


Interior vs. Under Cabinet Lighting

     As its name suggests, under cabinet lighting refers to lights that are installed under a cabinet, resulting in illumination of the area immediately below a section of cabinets. 

Lighting inside the cabinets can serve either a decorative or practical purpose.  Glass front cabinets may include accent lighting, which is used to illuminate special glassware or china you want to display. Internal lighting can also serve a purpose when it is included in hard to reach spaces to shed some light on the contents. 


Puck Lights

      A puck light, named for their hockey puck shape, mounts in the center of the cabinet’s upper top space and shines illumination downward in a widening circular spread. They're also excellent for use behind glass-front cabinets, with one light centered behind each door. Pucks can be mounted to the surface or recessed for a flush, more seamless installation. Because they act as spotlights, they can call attention to the prettier pieces you'd like to display in your cabinet.


Strip Lighting

     Strip lights can be placed inside or outside the cabinet and are sold in different lengths intended to fit each individual cabinet. Where puck lights can create a scalloped effect, lighting strips give off a wider, more even beam of light. They're used more often for under-cabinet lighting, but they're suitable for installation inside as well.