What is a Built-In Cabinet?

A built-in cabinet is tailored for a specific location, usually tucked into a niche or alcove. When you find yourself needing more storage space or wanting to fill that awkward empty space in your home, built-in cabinets add function and character to any interior.  

Why choose Built-In Cabinetry?

Built-in cabinets are designed to fill an otherwise-empty space. Rather than seeing unsightly cabling or A/V components, a built-in entertainment center can hide them while also enhancing the decor of your living area. An empty niche in your home can be filled with a custom built-in bookcase that looks natural and planned.

Floating Shelves

Why choose Floating Shelves?

When conventional kitchen or laundry cabinets would be too bulky for the space you are updating, a new trend in home storage is the idea of floating shelves.  A floating shelf is a shelf with its mount hidden so it appears to be floating. But just because the shelf hardware is hidden doesn't mean they lack the ability to hold weighty object. 

Floating shelves give you easy access to your belongings or puts your favorite items on display. These shelves are also great for saving space and retaining a feeling of openness in your home.